Solida Record

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A very simple and light folder camera, post-war built by Franka, "Made in West Germany, US Zone". It's made of thin metal and plastic and uses 120 film.

It features a 2-speed shutter (B and 1/30) and an aperture choice with 3 settings, divided in rain (f/8), cloudy (f/11) and sunny (f/16). There is a flash connector and a cold shoe to mount it. The lens is a simple 80mm f/8 "Spezial Objectiv" which focuses with symbols. Cocking the shutter is done by the film wind knob.

4x4cm or 6x6cm exposures can be selected with a switch at the front, which moves a little frame in front of the viewfinder (this is not linked to any mask in the film chamber). It has a neat loading system with 2 half-cylinders which rotate to the outside that hold the film.