Sigma SD-10

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Improved version of the Sigma SD-9. Sigma uses their own lens mount: S-AF. There are no third-party lenses available for this system. It is possible to mount M42 lenses via a simple adapter.

One great feature is the easily removable hot-mirror which can be flipped out by the removal of one screw. Without the hot-mirror the SD-10 has instantly become an infrared camera and can be used with IR filters for various effects. This makes it an interesting platform for creative photography.

Specifications directly from the manual:

  • 13.8 x 20.7mm Foveon sensor (crop factor 1.7x)
  • 3.42 million effective pixels
  • RAW imaging
  • viewfinder coverage 98%x97%
  • viewfinder magnification 0.77x
  • diopter adjustment -3 to +1
  • TTL phase difference AF
  • metering range EV 1 to 20 with 1.4/50 lens at ISO100
  • 8 segment metering system
  • ISO range from 100 to 800 and 1600 in extended mode
  • vertical travel metal plane shutter, electronically controlled
  • shutter speeds at ISO 100-200 15sec. to 1/6000, at ISO 400-800 4sec to 1/6000
  • in extended mode shutter speed handles 30sec.
  • flash sync at 1/180sec
  • 1.8" TFT screen 130,000 pixels
  • power source 2x CR-V3 or 4x AA Ni-Mh
  • dimensions: 152 (W)x 120(H)x 79(D) in mm's
  • weight without batteries 785gr.
  • CF type memory card