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Shūkan Asahi (週刊朝日) is a Japanese weekly magazine published from 1922 to the present (2007) and that has published advertisements cited within Its title means "Weekly Asahi", "Asahi" being the publisher of the newspaper Asahi Shinbun and the magazine Asahi Camera.

Shūkan Asahi came from Junkan Asahi (旬刊朝日), a thrice-monthly magazine that started on 25 February 1922.[1] From 2 April of that year it was renamed Shūkan Asahi and came out once a week. Early issues have the additional roman-letter title The Asahi Weekly Edition but this has since disappeared. In the late 1950s its sales were up to 1.5 million per issue; by early 2006 they had fallen to 0.2 million.[2]

Shūkan Asahi is similar to but even milder than Sunday Mainichi in combining soft news, politics in personal form ("scandals" of particular politicians, etc.), interviews, decorous stories about celebrities, articles about cooking and so forth, and a front cover depicting a conventionally attractive young girl. Its publisher has at times complemented it with other, more substantial weekly news magazines, notably Asahi Journal (朝日ジャーナル, Asahi Jānaru, 1959–92).[3]


  1. The Japanese month is traditionally and even now often informally divided into three jun (旬); the title implies that this is, by analogy with "weekly" and "monthly", the "junly Asahi". These early issues also have a title in roman script: The Junkan Asahi.
  2. Sales figures from the (Japanese) Wikipedia article.
  3. The rather salacious weekly Asahi Geinō is from a different publisher and is unrelated.


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