Seneca Box Scout No. 2 C

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Seneca's Box Scout No. 2C is a box camera for type 130 rollfilm. It has two reflecting type viewfinders, one in the top for vertical exposures, and the other in the side for horizontal shots. In the side is also the shutter release lever, and between finder and shutter release, there's another lever to chose aperture. The user has to control visually whether one of the three aperture holes is positioned in the middle of the lens opening of the box.

The camera's lens is positioned behind shutter and aperture. A small switch is positioned in the front near the viewfinder lenses, for switching from "instant" to "bulb" mode. After opening four locks at the side, that side plus the attached film holder can be pulled out of the camera to unload and/or to load film. The camera could be used with Sen-X rolls of type No. 230, similar to Kodak type No. 130 film for Kodak "No. 2C" cameras. In its back is a red window. The camera is made of wood. Inside the camera the wood is painted black, outside it is properly coated with cheap black leatherette. In the camera's bottom is a tripod thread, as well in one side.