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The Selectaflex is a 35mm leaf-shutter SLR camera made by the German company Agfa. It offers manual exposure or shutter-priority AE, using the large selenum meter cell on the front of the top housing. The shutter, a special Prontor, has speeds 1 - 1/300 second, plus 'B'; it is a permanent part of the camera, not of the interchangeable lens.

The standard lens is the 50 mm f/2.8 Color-Solinar pictured here. A 35mm f/3.4 Color-Ambion and 90mm f/3.4 Color-Telinear were also available for the camera.

There are two styles, the name being printed more or less widely-spaced on the meter cell, as in the two pictures here. In both pictures, the camera is missing the Agfa decal in the impressed rhombus in the top housing.