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The Kunsttischlerei Christof Schaller was a camera maker in Vienna, the Austrian capital.

It called itself also Christof Schaller Wien, Fotografische Manufactur.

Cabinetmaker Christof Schaller founded the company in 1889 and added a photo supply shop in 1898. In 1901 he was specialized in field cameras of the German Reisekamera type. The company moved and opened further shops, probably including a photo atelier since Schaller became a renowned photographer, active in several associations:

  • Photographische Gesellschaft
  • Reichsverband österreichisch-ungarischer Photohändler (co-founder C. Schaller)
  • Verein photographischer Mitarbeiter
  • Genossenschaft der Photographen in Wien


  • V., Matzleinsdorferstraße 30 (1894)
  • V., Ziegelofengasse 30 (1904) “Christoph Schaller, photographische Manufaktur und Kunsttischlerei, Wien“
  • V., Margaretenstraße 78 (shop, maybe also studio?)
  • VI., Gumpendorferstraße 9
  • Wollzeile 31 (shop)
  • I., Getreidemarkt 14 (shop for used cameras)

In 1928 Christof Schaller withdrew from business, giving the each of the shops to one of his children Heinrich Schaller, Julia Kupper and Emma Schaller.


  • Reisekamera 13x18cm, mahogani, swingable back and tiltable front or vice versa
  • Reisekamera 13x18cm, black, focal plane shutter