Samsung Fino 140 SE

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The Samsung Fino 140 SE is a compact camera for 35mm film. It features a zoomrange from 38 to 140mm, it was also available with a date and time back, called QD.

Technical specifications (from original manual)

  • DX encoding from ISO 50-3200
  • Automatic film transport and rewind
  • 38-140mm Aspherical lens, 10 elements in 8 groups
  • Aperture range f/4.2 (38mm) - f/12.5 (140mm)
  • Electronic shutter 1/3 - 1/400 sec and Bulb from 1 sec up to 60 sec.
  • Program modes for burst, landscape and portrait
  • Automatic flash with red-eye reduction and fill-in option
  • Size: 116x68x44mm
  • Weight: 215gr. (empty)
  • Powered by one CR123A 3V battery.