Samsung AF 105 XL

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The Samsung AF 105 XL is a 35mm auto focus point and shoot camera. Also sold as the Fino 105 XL

The camera features a 38-105 zoom lens, auto-winding/rewinding, DX-decoding and built in flash. On the upper rear of the unit there is a on/off button, toggle switch for zoom and recessed emergency film rewind button. The shutter button sits on the top of unit beside buttons for the flash mode (auto, red-eye, fill in, off etc) and picture mode (including timer and remote settings, portrait, multi-shot and bulb). These sit beside a passive LCD display showing exposure number, lens length and settings

The viewfinder has diopter adjustment knob and zooms with lens. When turned off the lens barrel retracts and sits flush with the body. The lens is protected by built in mechanical cover

There is a film speed window on rear and the unit uses 1 CR123A 3 Volt lithium battery.

Camera is marked as made in China.