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The Sakura rollfilm holder (さくらロールフィルムホルダー) is a Japanese accessory released in July 1936 by Konishiroku, and made by its manufacturing branch Rokuoh-sha.[1]

The device can be attached on daimeishi-size (6.5×9cm) plate cameras, and takes eight 6×9cm pictures on 120 film. It has an advance knob on the side and a red window on the back. The name ROKUOHSHA is embossed in the leather covering, at the bottom of the back.

Variations are known in the shape of the advance knob and in the orientation of the red window cover (either horizontal or vertical).[2] The advance knob normally has lines indicating the frame number, allowing to advance the film without using the red window.[3]

According to the instruction manual, the device was due for release in the first days of July 1936.[4] It was subject of the Japanese utility model no.37437.[4] It was briefly featured in the July and August 1936 issues of Asahi Camera, together with the Proud roll holder.[1] In these documents, the price of the Sakura rollfilm holder is quoted as ¥4.50.


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