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The SC-2 is the most traditional monorail view camera still made by the Dutch firm Cambo, It is a 4x5-inch camera, and resembles the Super Cambo to which it is presumably the successor, but with more aluminium components, and all in black finish. It is built on a 54-cm square-section monorail as standard. A normal range of accessories is available:

  • 30-, 44- and 75-cm replacement rails;
  • extra-long bellows for long lenses or extreme close-up use;
  • bag bellows for wide-angle lenses;
  • lensboards for Copal #0, #1 and #3 shutters, and recessed boards for #0 and #1;
  • reflex and binocular viewers for the ground glass;
  • standard and de luxe compendium shades.