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The Rubyette is an SLR camera for small plates, made in about 1934 by Thornton-Pickard.[1] It is a small version of the wooden box-form SLR cameras such as T-P's Ruby Reflex and similar cameras made by many other makers. It has most of the features of those cameras; rack-and-pinion bellows focusing, with the lens mounted on a board allowing front rise. The focusing hood is not a folding leather 'chimney' as on most larger box-form SLRs, however, but a rigid folding hood, of the type familiar on TLR cameras, with the facility of a built-in frame finder; this allows the No.1 camera to be used for horizontal pictures.

There are three models:

  • The No. 1 is for 6.5x9 cm plates, in vertical orientation only.[2]
  • The No. 2 has a revolving back, allowing reflex viewing for vertical or horizontal pictures on 6.5x9 cm plates.
  • The No. 3 is for square pictures on 9x9 cm plates.


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