Ruberg & Renner

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Ruberg & Renner, founded 1918[1] in Hagen, Germany, were a company making bicycles and chain-drive mechanisms. From about 1931 they manufactured inexpensive cameras, such as the Ruberg-Futuro.[2] Camera production ceased in about 1942, when all production effort was directed to supporting the war effort, making ammunition belts for aircraft machine guns and the like.[3]


  • Ruberg-Futuro(black,red and blue body)
  • Ruberg (black body)
  • Ruberg (red body)
  • Ruberg-Baby Ruby (black body)
  • Ruberg-Baby Ruby (red body)
  • Ruberg-Popular
  • Ruberg-Präsent
  • Ruberg-Hollywood (Export model for the french market)
  • Ruberg-Hollywood-Duplo (Export model for the french market)
  • Ruberg Rubette[4]


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