Rollex 20

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The USC Rollex 20 is a self-erecting folding camera for shooting 2¼" × 3¼" exposures on 120 film. Some versions are able to accept both 120 and 620 rollfilm variants[1]. It was made by the Chicagoan United States Camera Co. A version was sold as the Tower 50 by Sears.

It was a simple snapshot camera, with fixed focusing and a fixed aperture. The only choice that it offers is the one between time mode (B mode) and 1/50 sec. shutter speed. It has an optical viewfinder of reverse Galilean type, and a 86mm Octvar lens. Its specialties are that its closeable red window is not red but green, and its everset shutter has to be tripped with a lever that is integrated into the upper edge of the front door.

The Foldex 20 was the same or an equal camera type as sold by the closely-related company Pho-Tak. It includes an accessory shoe and flash synchronized shutter. The successor of the Rollex 20, the USC 20 folder, is similar to the later Foldex 20 from Pho-Tak, which has a restyled viewfinder housing.

A version with a Steinheil Cassar f/6.3 lens and a Vario shutter is also known, the Foldex 30 (or Foldex 6.3). The cameras are marked "Made in U. S. A." .