Rollei Prego 115

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The Prego 115 is a compact autofocus 35 mm camera made by Rollei. It has an HFT-coated 38-115 mm Vario-Apogon zoom lens. There is a large LCD screen on the top of the camera, and most settings are selected with buttons arranged behind this, along the rear edge of the camera top housing.

Many of the Prego 115's features are similar to the Prego 90: it has infra-red autofocus, with an autofocus lock feature, and a button to force infinity focus. It offers the 13×36 mm panorama format. Film advance and rewind are automatic and motorised. The film speed is set automatically using DX codes, or defaults to ISO 200.[1]

The zoom is controlled with a thumb slider rather than the wide and tele buttons of the Prego 90. Also unlike the Prego 90 and 125, the built-in flash retracts into the body. The flash has the functions usual on a compact camera of this type: a red-eye reduction feature, forced fill-in flash, and an option to disable the flash.


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