Ricoh Singlex

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Note that the Ricoh Singlex TLS is a different model.

The Ricoh Singlex was introduced in 1962. It was the first Ricoh reflex camera with interchangeable lenses. At this time, demand for export market was strong and Ricoh wasn't ready to produce his own reflex camera. The Singlex was a further development of the Nikkorex F made by Mamiya for Nikon. The original Singlex is the only Ricoh SLR having a Nikon F lens mount, the ensuing models having a 42mm screw mount throughout most of the next decade. The rarest version is black, with special all black 55/1.4. The Ricoh Singlex was also sold as Sears SL 11.

Mamiya sold the camera design to Ricoh, who produced it as the Ricoh Singlex, complete with Nikon F mount. The Ricoh Singlex was produced in the same Mamiya factory as the Nikkorex F. The external clip-on CdS meter sold by Ricoh is specific. The same with Rikenon F-Mount lenses that are totally diferents than the Nikkor lenses. The standard lens for the Singlex is the Rikenon 1:1.4 f=55mm.

Ricoh Singlex Major Specifications:

  • Film Format and Frame Size: 35mm film, 24x36mm.
  • Lens Mount: Nikon F Mount
  • Exposure meter: None. External coupled clip-on CdS meter.
  • Shutter: Copal Square metal blade shutter. 1sec - 1/1000sec +B.
  • Dimensions: 147 x 93 x 102mm