Ricoh KR-10x

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The KR-10x is an SLR for 35mm film from Ricoh which accepts K mount lenses. In some markets the same model is labeled XR-10. This camera is based around an electronically-timed shutter, which needs two 1.5 volt LR44/SR44 type batteries to operate; it provides both aperture-priority autoexposure and a wide range of manual shutter speeds (1/1000 sec. to 16 seconds) plus flash sync up to 1/125th.

Pressing a button alongside the handgrip will preview the automatically-selected shutter speed at the right edge of the viewfinder; optional exposure compensation and an AE lock are provided. For manual meter readings, settings are adjusted until over/under arrows in the viewfinder LCD display disappear. A electronic self-timer with a delay of 10 seconds is selected via a button alongside the rewind crank, but can be cancelled with a second press. While counting down, the self-timer flashes a red LED in the handgrip, facing the subjects.

The Ricoh XR7 is a model with very similar features but slightly different styling, which adds a multiple-exposure feature.