Ricoh GR

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The Ricoh GR is a advanced autofocus digital compact camera released by Pentax Ricoh Imaging in 2013. It is the fifth GR digital camera released and replaces the Ricoh GR Digital IV from 2011.

There are a few limited edition version of the GR. There is the Limited Edition Original Red Ring is similar, but has a red ring surrounding the lens. Also released on October 2013, was a GR Limited Edition version which has a metallic green body, the hand grip is a marbleized ebony patterned wood. Included the lens hood, a leather strap and case.

It uses a 16 megapixel APS-C sized CMOS sensor without a anti-aliasing filter. This produces photos of 4928 x 3264 pixels. It continues to use a 28mm equivalent focal length lens but it is now a nine bladed f/2.8 design made with seven elements in 5 groups. Surrounding the lens is a removable ring that can accept a 43mm filter thread adapter. Built-in to the lens is a 2 stop ND filter which can be automatic or manually adjusted. A crop mode is offered that changes the focal length to a equivalent of 35mm or 47mm. In these modes images are captured at reduced resolution. It has a maximum shutter speed of 1/4000 of a sec with a flash sync of 1/2000.

The usual program shooting modes are offered, but there is an additional option called TAV which allows one to set the shutter and aperture settings, with the camera choosing the ISO. Auto focusing can be set to half pressing or a full pressing shutter release button mode which can focus to a preset snap distance. There is no built-in optical finder, external shoe mount finders can be used along with the 3" color RGBW based LCD display. Images are stored on Secure Digital cards.