Ricoh FF-3 AF

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The FF-3 AF is a compact autofocus point and shoot 35mm film camera released by Japanese manufacturer Ricoh in 1982. A version was available called FF-3D AF.

In 1984, a revised version was available called FF-3 AF Super. It has mostly the same features, the film speed wheel lists ISO as well as ASA. It also came in more colors black, red and silver. Again a FF-3D AF Super version was also available.

The lens cover is opened by sliding a switch below the opening. The shutter release cannot be tripped unless the cover is opened. The lens is a Rikenon 35mm f/3.2 made of 5 elements, in 5 groups. It has a minimum shooting distance of 1m, with a close distance indicator when too close. Shutter is from 1/8 to 1/500 of a sec. The automatic exposure system is based on a CdS photocell which has a range of 6 to 17 EV (ASA 100). Film speed is adjusted with a dial on the left, from 25 to 1000 ASA. The viewfinder has a magnification 0.46x with a bright frame along with parallax markings for closer 1 to 1.2m subjects. In the center is the auto focus zone, the bottom has zone focus symbols indicators with single person, couple and mountain. A flash indicator is also in the lower right, blinking means there is insufficient light and flash needs to be used. Film advance and rewind are motorized. A self-timer is available with a delay of 10 seconds. It is powered by two AA batteries.