Ricoh EE Rapid Half

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The Ricoh EE Rapid Half (1966) is a very elegant and well designed compact camera that uses the now obsolete Rapid film system.

It is designed as a half frame camera, which simply means it uses half of a normal 35mm frame.

The camera weighs 400 grams and has a single speed shutter of 1/125sec. An automatic exposure system is being regulated by a selenium cell. It is also possible to ignore the automatic exposure and choose the desired aperture setting. Ricoh equipped it with a 25mm f/2.8 lens.

In the Netherlands this camera, in a redesigned body, was also sold by the grocery chain Albert Heijn. It was a special product for their "Premie van de maand club" (PMC).

People could buy stamps each time they did their shopping at one of their stores, with a full booklet of stamps they were able to buy all kinds of non-food products at reduced prices, among those this camera, now branded as PMC.

Below: a picture of the PMC Variant and the original newspaper advertorial. (source: Nieuwe Leidsche Courant, link: