Ricoh AF-5

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The Ricoh AF-5 is a point and shoot compact camera for 35mm film with integral flash and autofocus, manufactured by Ricoh. It's a little bulkier than its rivals from Canon (Sure Shot/AF35M) and Nikon (L35AF), but is capable of similar results. Unlike the Canon, the AF-5 indicates the focusing zone in the viewfinder before the shutter is fully depressed. The lens produces particularly contrasty photos in good light. A set of auxiliary lenses for tele and close-ups was also offered.


  • Lens: 38mm/f2.8 Color Rikenon (Tessar-style 4 elements in 3 groups). Filter diameter 46mm.
  • Autofocus with pre-focus from 1m-infinity.
  • Albada viewfinder with parallax correction marks, focus indication and low-light warning. Magnification: 0.46X. Field of View 83%.
  • Auto-exposure via CdS photocell. Coupling Range EV6 - EV17 (ISO 100).
  • Easy-load film, with autowind and motor rewind. Manual setting of ISO at 25-64-100-200-400-1000.
  • Integral Flash. 12m at ISO 100. 7 second recharge.
  • Self-timer.
  • Lens cap prevents accidental shutter release, by pushing a switch that disconnects the power. This also prevents the batteries from wearing down.
  • Power: 2 x AA batteries.
  • Dimensions: 129×79×55mm.
  • Weight: 330g (without batteries).