Ricoh AF-40

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Ricoh introduced the AF-40 in 1985[1] at the lower-price end of its point-and-shoot lineup. This model features a (non-zoom) 38mm f/2.8 autofocusing lens, and motorized film advance. Power comes from a pair of generic AA cells, rather than the odd battery sizes popular in later point & shoots.

This model is not quite the "auto-everything" experience which would soon become common: The user must set the film ISO (there is no DX code detection); pop up the flash to charge when the underexposure warning blinks; and manually engage power rewind (and remember to switch back to advance afterwards).


  1. It was shown at the 1985 PMA show, as mentioned in a Popular Photography magazine note (June 1985, pg. 66) with subsequent issues showing street prices circa USD $90.