Ricoh 999

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This interchangeable-lens rangefinder camera was introduced by Ricoh in 1960. It is an uncommon model, perhaps best known in its version rebadged for Ansco, the Anscomark M. The camera system comprised four lenses, which all used the same back group of lens elements, carried out as convertible lens. The back group was built into the camera body, behind the lens mount, whilst the Xyton system lenses contained the special lens groups which converted the back group to 35mm wide-angle, 50mm standard, fast 50mm standard or 100mm tele. This system lens concept is similar to that of the renowned contemporary Contaflex, used to enable use of leaf shutter, a Seikosha-SLV.

The camera has bright viewfinder with a set of frame lines for the Xytons' different focal lengthes, and a built-in match-needle selenium meter aiding manual exposure control.


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