Ricoh 35 Flex

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The Ricoh 35 Flex is a fixed-lens leaf shutter SLR camera marketed by Ricoh in 1963. It was actually the first SLR made by this company.

It is equipped with a fixed Ricoh 4-element 2.8/50 lens and a Seikosha between-the-lens leaf shutter.

A selenium lightmeter gives the correct exposure and a fully automatic mode is available. In this case, it is not necessary to set the speed or aperture, the lightmeter controls these values; in manual control, the user can adjust aperture and shutter speed using sliders underneath the lens, with the values visible in a window on top of the lens barrel.

In c.1964, the selenium meter was replaced by a CdS meter, a model now referred to as the Ricoh 35 Flex CdS.

The 35 Flex was also sold by Sears as the Sears SL-9 (both selenium and CdS versions) and by Foto-Quelle as the REVUE REFLEX CDS.