Ricoh 35EFL

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Ricoh introduced the 35EFL in 1981 as a simple, inexpensive model for mass-market retailers. The camera was made in Taiwan.

The 40mm f/3.8 lens uses scale focusing, and the shutter always fires at 1/125th of a second. The user presses the exposure-check button and adjusts the aperture manually until a green "good" lamp in the viewfinder lights; if conditions are too dim for this even at f/3.8, the built-in flash must be used. Only two film sensitivities are directly supported, ASA 100 and 400. Two common AA batteries provide power.

A red lightning bolt above the f/3.8 mark does not indicate any automatic flash control. It's the setting that when used with the marked distance ranges on the focusing ring will yield an exposure ranging somewhere from underexposed by one stop to overexposed by two stops (the assumption being that this camera's target market will be shooting color print film, whose exposure latitude can tolerate this).