Revue AC 3s

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This Revue SLR is also a rebranded Chinon camera. Most probably the CE-4S.

The AC3s is identical to the AC3, the only difference being the fact that the "S" can take the available autofocus lenses. These connect to the body by the 3 contacts just outside the lensmount, as seen in the picture to the left of the lens center.

The camera has some sophisticated features:

  • 1/2000 sec shutterspeed
  • Seiko metal focal-plane shutter with stepless electronic control
  • Auto mode
  • Pentax PK mount
  • Multiple exposure switch
  • AE-lock
  • Autofocus ability with specific lenses
  • 18 LED shutter scale in 3 colors for 14 speeds
  • Extensive range of accessories
  • WxHxD 140x87,5x55,5mm
  • weight 490 gr. (body only)

Pictured here with motor-drive and 50mm f/1.4 lens.