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Henry Jasper Redfern (1872-1928; usually referred to as Jasper Redfern)[1] was a photographer, cinematographer, radiographer, showman, and supplier of photographic goods from Sheffield, England.

He began in cinema by filming local events and staging short, often comic sequences,[2] and giving shows of these films in local halls. Later he owned a number of cinemas, including one at the seaside resort of Westcliff-on-Sea (in the south of England, a long way from Sheffield). Eventually his small company was unable to compete with increasingly large and professional cinema companies, and he became a radiographer (at which he already had some skill) in Manchester. He died from cancer attributed to radiation exposure.[1]

Redfern operated a photographic studio,[3] and sold cameras (and other optical goods including opera glasses[4]) marked with his own name; it is unclear whether his company actually made these.


  • Full-plate folding bellows camera[5]
  • Falling-plate detective camera, with adjustable shutter speed and iris diaphragm (in front of the lens).[6]


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