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E. Rau was a lens maker based in Wetzlar, Germany. It made microscopes and the Astro-Astan camera lens for the Feca Reflex SLR and the Emylar lens of the Ludix and Inflex.


  • E. Rau "Astro-Astan" 1:2.9 f=4,7cm (classic brass lens)
  • Rau-Optik Wetzlar "Astro-Astan" 1:2.9 f=4,7cm (interchangeable camera lens)
  • Rau-Optik Wetzlar "Emylar" 1:4,5 f=7cm (camera lens)
  • Z "Emylar Anastigmat" 1:3.8 f=5cm (on the Inflex camera)
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