Q-dos 3-Dimensional Lens System

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Q-dos is Vivitar branded system for producing pseudo stereo anaglyphic photos using a conventional 35mm SLR camera in combination with a specialized lens. The lens included a switch which would optionally insert half red, half cyan dichroic filters internally. The filters added color fringing in out-of-focus areas of the photo. The resulting photos, when viewed with red/cyan 3D glasses, produced a minimal 3 dimensional visual effect. When viewed without 3D glasses the photos showed only a faint red and cyan tints but otherwise looked normal. Shooting with a small aperture killed the effect due to the increased depth of field. The effect was most pronounced for macro photographs with shallow depth of field.[1]


The Q-dos system was developed in 1991 and introduced in 1992 but was discontinued later due to lack of consumer interest.

List of Q-dos Lenses