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The Premo Junior cameras are box cameras made by Eastman Kodak in Rochester, NY in the United states, between 1908 and the early 1920s. They are for twelve-exposure Premo film packs (see also the Cartridge Premo box cameras and the Folding Cartridge Premo, which take roll film). Some of the cameras are wooden bodied; others are cardboard (both with leatherette covering).[1]

The camera was made in several sizes:[2]

  • No. 0 (1¾×2¼ inch exposures).
  • No. 1 (2¼×3¼ inch). This was the first model made; No. 1 was only added to the name when other models were introduced.[3]
  • No. 1A (2½×4¼ inch).
  • No. 3 (3¼×4¼ inch - quarter plate).
  • No. 4 (4×5 inch).

The cameras have reflex viewfinders for portrait and landscape orientation. They have a simple 'T' and 'I' shutter; however, some of the models have aperture control, by a pull-out metal strip with three fixed apertures in it, giving f/11, f/16 and f/22.[3]


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