Porst 135 KE

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The Porst 135 KE is a 35mm compact camera distributed in Germany by Porst in 1981. The camera was manufactured in Japan by Makina Optical as the Makinon MK-II. It was also sold as the Carena EF 250, Keystone Everflash 3590 and the Eumig UC 35, among others.

It uses PORST color f/5,6 38mm lens, protected by barn door style lens cover. Once the lens is uncovered, it extends outward. The film speed can be set at 100ISO and 400ISO. There is a built-in electronic flash, that swings out instead of the more common pop up design. A screw in cable release can be used for the shutter button. The film is advanced with a thumb wheel while rewinding is with a pull out crank.


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