Polaroid Super Shooter

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The Polaroid Super Shooter is a rigid, plastic bodied instant camera, made in the US between 1975-77. It originally retailed at $20-25.


  • Film type: Peel-apart 80-Series Land Pack Films such as Polaroid 87, 88, Viva (all discontinued), or type 100 film, such as Fuji FP-100C.
  • Viewfinder adjusts according to the size of the film pack being used.
  • Manual distance finder on lens. (Not coupled to viewfinder).
  • ISO 75 for colour prints, 3000 for black and white.
  • Flash can use either standard or Hi-Power flashcubes.
  • Has development rollers instead of spreader bars.
  • Cold clip with instructions.
  • Shutter requires two standard 1.5V AA batteries.