Polaroid Land Camera 1000

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The Land Camera 1000 is a plastic-bodied, non-folding consumer camera that uses SX-70 integral film. Polaroid released a large number of such cameras alongside the 'prosumer' range of SX-70 folding SLRs. There were several lines, differing mostly in their focusing:

  • Fixed focus - Generally known (in the US) as OneStep models
  • Zone-focused - Generally known (in the US) as Pronto! models; e.g. Pronto RF
  • Sonar Autofocus - Labelled as both Pronto! and OneStep models, but usually with an AF or Sonar moniker.

The Land Camera 1000 is a foreign-markets version of the original Onestep model, with the features common to that range:

  • A plastic 103 mm f/14.6 meniscus lens with fixed aperture.
  • 4ft minimum focus distance.
  • Exposure compensation dial around electric eye.

The camera is powered by a battery built into the SX-70 film pack. It can accept some accessories designed for the folding SX-70 SLR cameras, such as flashbars, electronic flashes and tripod mounts. A matching electronic flash was also released for the Onestep/Land Camera 1000, the Q-Light, as pictured here. It fits onto any non-folding SX-70 camera, but was cosmetically matched to these original models.

The Land Camera 1000 exists with 2 different coloured shutter buttons - green and red; there is some debate among collectors as to which is more common.