Petriflex (TLR)

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There are also similarly-named cameras, the Petri Flex V/Petri Penta series and Petri Flex 7 35mm SLRs.

The Petriflex is a TLR camera for 2¼-inch square (6x6cm) pictures on 120 film, made by Kuribayashi in 1953; it is the only TLR the company made after the War.[1] It has Orikkor 75mm f/3.5 lenses, and a Carperu shutter giving speeds from 1 to 1/200 second, plus 'B'. It is synchronised for flash (with a bayonet terminal, not a PC socket), and has a cold shoe on the right hand side. Bayonet I filters or hood can be used.

The camera has automatic frame-spacing (there is a red window, with a sliding cover, in the base, to set the film at frame 1). Shutter speed and aperture are set with the two dials on each side of the lenses.

As with many TLR cameras, the front of the focusing hood folds up to form a frame finder, with a hole in the rear of the hood as the eyepiece. There is also a large focusing loupe.


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