Petri Touch

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The Petri Touch is a fixed-lens 35mm rangefinder camera made in 1962 by Petri (the company had recently adopted this name, having by then used it in the names for many of their cameras). It is one of the series begun with the Petri 7. The camera does not carry the name 'Touch'; the main badge reads 'PETRI Blue-MAGIC-Scope',[1] referring to the blue glass filter over the rangefinder spot window (most Petri rangefinders of the late '50s and '60s have a green filter on the RF). The badge also carries the phrase 'color corrected super', like most Petri rangefinders since the Petri 35.

The Touch does not have a light meter. Other than that, and the blue filter, its specification is the same as that of the Petri 7:

  • Coated 45mm f/2.8 lens
  • Coupled rangefinder, combined in the same eyepiece as the viewfinder
  • Brightline frame viewfinder
  • Leaf shutter:
  • Lever-wind film advance with double-exposure prevention and a frame-counter in the hub of the lever


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