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The Prest is a 35mm rangefinder camera made by Kuribayashi from 1961-1964. It has a 4.5 cm f/2.8 lens; some examples are engraved 'Color Corrected' on the lens bezel.[1] It has a selenium meter, giving either automatic or manual exposure, selected by the Auto/Manual switch on the top plate.

Automatic: simplified shutter-priority auto-exposure; shutter-speed settings 'Fast', Medium' and 'Slow' on the shutter-ring of the lens are selected with the red index line at the top of the barrel. The metered aperture is displayed in the finder. The shutter release locks, with a red warning symbol in the finder, if the meter indicates insufficient light.[2][3] The film speed is set on a dial on the top plate, between ASA 10 and 200.

Manual: shutter speeds from 1/30 to 1/500 second, or 'B' can be selected with the same shutter-ring, using a black index line on the left side of the lens barrel. The aperture is selected with the rear lens-ring and the same index line, between f/2.8 and f/16. f/8 is engraved in red, for use with hyperfocal distance-marks in the focus scale (the front ring of the lens).

The film advance lever is on the bottom of the camera. Rewind is by a folding crank on the top plate. The camera's back removes for loading.[3] There is a self-timer, set on the right of the lens barrel.

The rangefinder window has a green filter, like most of Petri's cameras of the time. The viewfinder has parallax-error correction marks for close focus.


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