Pentax Zoom 60-X

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The Pentax Zoom 60-X is a fully automatic compact camera manufactured by Pentax c1991. It was also sold as the IQZoom60-X but this branding is often omitted from the camera body. It is part of the Pentax Espio IQZoom cameras series.

It uses a 38-60mm f/4.5 to f6.7 zoom lens made of 6 elements in 5 groups. Autofocus is based on a infrared type system. It has a focus range of 0.6m to infinity. The shutter speed range is from 1/4 to 1/250 with a bulb mode at 8 sec to 1/2 sec. The self-timer has a delay of 10 seconds. Additional timer modes include two shot, and zoom timer mode that exposes at the selected focal length as well as a wider 38mm length.

Film is automatically loaded, advanced and rewound. Mid-roll rewind can be done by pressing and holding the self-timer button for 3 seconds and press the shutter release. It is compatible with DX encoded films from 50 to 1600 ISO. Non-coded films cannot be use. It is powered by two CR123A battery.

Date models are also available. Imprinting formats include Year/Month/Day or Day/Hour/Minute. It is capable of imprinting years 87-19 (1987 to 2019). The date unit is powered by the same batteries as the camera body.