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The Pentax K-3 III is a DSLR which was introduced by Pentax Ricoh Imaging in 2021.

It is the 3rd generation of the flagship APS-C DSLR from Pentax, and share with its predecessor, Pentax K-3 and K-3 II, the same magnesium-alloy, weather sealed body. In this generation the control layout was redesigned, and many new features that were presented in the Pentax K-1 (2016) and K-1 II (2018) and Pentax KP (2017) are implemented:

  • Viewfinder with 100% coverage and improved brightness, with 105% magnification.
    • Viewfinder has an LCD overlay with a customizable grid, electronic level, AF active points, Smart Function settings, and other features
    • Depth of field preview (mechanical)
    • Diopter adjustment: -4.0m to + 1.0m
    • Eye sensor
  • Button layout now includes a third command wheel, and it also includes a joystick for moving the active AF point
  • Rear monitor is a touch screen
  • Support for legacy lenses has been improved, allowing for metering with K and M-series lenses (no electronics) and manually recording of the aperture data in EXIF. When the shutter button is half-pressed, the camera stops the lens down and sets the exposure.
  • Electronic shutter
  • Wireless tethering using Bluetooth and Wireless LAN
  • However, no built-in GPS is in the camera, having to use the O-GPS1 accessory.

Monochrome Version

On April 2023 Pentax announced that a special version for Black and White photography, called K3-III Monochrome. This version has a debayered sensor and firmware has been modified for Black and White.[1]


  • Sensor: 26 Megapixel APS-C (23.7x15.7mm) CMOS sensor
  • Mount : Pentax KAF2 (AF coupler, lens information contacts, K-mount with power contacts)
    • Compatible with KA - KAF, KAF3, KAF3 and, KAF4 lenses
    • Lenses of the K and M series are restricted to Av and M
    • M42 lenses can be used in use Av stopped down
  • Lightmeter -4 to 20 EV in 307K pixels
  • AF Points: SAFOX 13, 101 point (25 cross type focus points)
  • Sensitivity: ISO AUTO/100 to 1,600,000 (EV steps can be set to 1EV, 1/2EV or 1/3EV)
  • Shutter Speed: 1/8,000 to 30s, Bulb (1/16,000 with electronic shutter)
  • Astro-tracer: with accessory GPS O-GPS1 / O-GPS2 unit. Exposure up to 300s.
    • Firmware updates (1.40) make Astro-tracer without GPS unit possible
    • Night vision monitor screen is also available
  • Maximum FPS: 12 FPS
  • Video Modes:
    • 4K(3840x2160, 30p/24p)
    • Full HD(1920x1080, 60p/30p/24p)
    • 1280x720 (16:9) at 30 or 25 fps
    • 640x480 (4:3) at 30 or 25 fps
  • Interval shooting
    • Interval shooting images can be composed in-camera
  • Multi-exposure 2 to 20
  • Storage type: 2 SD, SDHC or SDXC Card
  • Wireless Lan:IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth® v4.2
  • Battery D-LI90P Lithium-ion Rechargeable
    • Battery Pack D-BG8 for AA or D-LI90 battery can also be used as grip to shoot vertical as well
    • AC-Adapter K-AC166
    • USB-charging available with USB-C
  • Weight: 735g (body only) 820g (with battery and SD card)
  • Dimensions: 134.5 x103.5 x 73.5mm
  • Firmware updates: at the Ricoh/Pentax website
  • Focusing Screens: Electronic display on viewfinder
  • Remote Control Can use wireless remote control E, F or O-RC1 or wired CS-205
    • Tethering capability with smartphones via Wi-Fi


  1. K3-iii Monochrome at Ricoh Imaging


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