Pentacon Six mount

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The Pentacon Six mount (abbreviated to "P6", or "Б" in Cyrillic) is a medium format lens mount probably introduced by KW in cooperation with Carl Zeiss Jena. It is used for a wide variety of cameras, among them the Praktisix, Pentacon Six, Exakta 66, Kiev 6C, Kiev 60, Kiev 88CM, Hartblei, and Arax. Lenses were made by Schneider in West Germany, Carl Zeiss Jena in East Germany and Arsenal factory in Kiev (Ukraine).

The Arsenal factory is still making lenses for this mount and its Arsat 30mm fisheye is famous for its quality. Hartblei in the Czech republic and Arax in Ukraine update and refine these lenses. In particular, they produces a range of tilt-shift lenses which allow the tilt and shift axes to be rotated separately, something no other lens manufacturer has done.


Praktisix and Pentacon Six lens mount
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