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The Parkur (パーカー) is a Japanese leaf shutter. It is found on cameras made by Proud and Miyoshi Kōgaku, and it is always mentioned with U.L.L. lenses by Miyoshi. The Parkur-Rapid version is attributed to Miyoshi in the April 1943 government inquiry listing Japanese camera production.[1] It is not known if the Parkur was an original Miyoshi product or if it was made by Proud before this company was absorbed by Miyoshi.

The original Parkur or Parkur S has T, B, 1–250 speeds and a self-timer, and the shutter plate is inscribed PARKUR–TOKIO at the top.[2] It was offered on the Semi Proud and Super Semi Proud, and is also mentioned on the Roavic (but with T, B, 5–200 speeds).

The Parkur-Rapid gives T, B, 1–500 speeds. In an advertisement dated February 1942, it is described as a copy of the Compur-Rapid with five shutter blades.[3] It was offered on the Roavic.


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