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Disambiguation Page
  • Orion Seiki was a Japanese camera maker, renamed Orion Camera in 1955, then Miranda Camera in 1957. It made the Miranda [SLR] cameras, whose first model is sometimes called "Miranda Orion" by today's collectors.
  • The Orion Six is a Japanese medium format rollfilm camera, made by Orion Seiki, perhaps the same company as above.
  • The Orion is a cheap metal camera made by an Orion Camera, Co.
  • The Orion Camera and Orion Camera Model Simplicité are plastic toy cameras for 127 film.
  • The Orion EE is a viewfinder camera made by Belomo.
  • The Orion-15 is a 28mm f/6 Russian lens in Leica screw mount
  • The Orionflex is a Japanese TLR camera of the early 1950s.
  • Orionwerk was a camera maker based in Hannover, Germany.