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The Onito is a folding single-extension camera for 6.5x9cm, 9x12cm or 10x15cm plates or film packs.[1] It was originally a product of Contessa, which was continued by Contessa-Nettel and Zeiss-Ikon. The small model of the camera shown here radial focusing (i.e. the lens carriage is pulled out to the infinity position, where it engages with a focusing lever, used in conjunction with a curved scale on the side of the bed). McKeown shows a 9x12 example, with rack-and-pinion focusing,[1] and this is the only size illustrated, also with rack-and-pinion focusing, in an advertisement for the camera (as a Contessa product) reproduced at Collection Appareils.[2]

The examples of the camera seen have modest lenses and shutters. That shown here has an f/6.8 Nostar (described by the owner as a Dialyt-type four-element lens) and three-speed Derval everset shutter. McKeown also lists the camera with a Citonar f/6.3 double-anastigmat or f/4.5 Nettar anastigmat, and with Ibsor or Gauthier everset shutters.[1] The advertisement at Collection Appareils offers the camera with an 'extra-rapid periscopic aplanat' or an f/6.8 Nettar double-anastigmat, either apparently with a three-speed everset shutter.

The 9x12 cameras cited clearly have front rise (and perhaps shift).


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