Olympus Trip MD3

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The Olympus Trip MD3 is a simple fixed focus 35mm camera Launched by Olympus in 1998. It was the last of the MD series of Olympus Trip Cameras which also featured the Trip MD, Trip MD2 and Trip AF MD. Has Plastic shell. If non DX coded film used defaults to 100 ISO.

Specifications (from manual)

  • Fixed focus. Effective 1.5m-∞
  • 3 element 34mm 1:6.9 lens.
  • Shutter speed fixed at 1/125.
  • Automatic flash (1.5-2.2m @10OISO 1.5-4.4m @400ISO)
  • DX Coding for 100, 200 & 400 ISO
  • Motordriven film advance.
  • 2 AA batteries