Olympus Superzoom 80S

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The Olympus Superzoom 80S is a 35mm Autofocus compact that was a later model in the Superzoom series. This Chinese made camera was one of the last film cameras that Olympus marketed when it launched in 2005. It appears to be a stripped down version of the earlier Olympus Superzoom 80G and is notably limited to only reading DX coding of 100 or 400asa film (other film speeds are set at 100asa irrespective of actual speed)

User controls are limited to shutter, zoom toggle, recessed early rewind button and a toggle switch for flash/timer. These includes red eye mode, Flash off, Force flash, Night flash and a panoramic mode with flash off


  • Lens : 38-80mm Olympus lens 4 elements in 4 groups
  • Focus : Active Auto-Focus
  • Shutter : 2sec-1/125
  • Exposure : Automatic program
  • Focus-range Wide : 1.2m - infinity
  • Focus-range Tele: 1.1 m - infinity
  • Flash range at 100asa: Wide: 1.2 m - 5.0 m & Tele: 1.1 m - 2.6 m
  • Batteries : 2xAA