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The Ace is a 35mm coupled-rangefinder camera, introduced by Olympus in 1958. It has interchangeable lenses. Its finder has projected frames and parallax correction. The combination of a leaf shutter and interchangeable lenses resulted in a limited range of lenses: just four were designed for the Ace:

  • Standard Zuiko 45mm f:2.8
  • Wide angle Zuiko 35mm f:2.8
  • Tele Zuiko 80mm f:4
  • Tele Zuiko 80mm f:5.6

Olympus Ace-E

Introduced in 1959, the Ace-E has the same body with the addition of an uncoupled selenium meter. Its production lasted until 1961. It was also sold as Sears Tower 19.

The Olympus Ace and Ace-E are normally found in chrome finish, but a black version was also made.[1]


  1. Ace-E in black finish, sold at the fifth Westlicht Photographica Auction, on 29 May 2004.


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