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OPCON Design Associates, LLC is an American consulting company specializing in optical design. The company was founded as OPCON Associates, Inc in 1969 by Ellis Betensky and two partners, Melvin Kreitzer and Jacob Moskovich. The company was originally incorporated in Stamford, Connecticut and is best known for optical design work led by Ellis Betensky on projects such as the NASA Skylab telescope and Vivitar Series 1 lenses. Ellis Betensky and other OPCON engineers are listed on numerous patents held by the company or assigned to companies who were OPCON's customers, such as Ponder & Best. The company has also published scientific papers in a variety of technical journals. They also authored chapters of well-known text books on optical design, including a chapter on Camera Lenses for the Handbook of Optics, Volume I.[1]

On 1 September, 1996 Ellis Betensky sold his interest in OPCON to his two partners. On 31 August, 1998 OPCON entered into a merger agreement with OPC Merger Corporation. OPCON Associates was dissolved as a legal entity by the merger. However, afterwards OPC Merger Corporation then changed its name to OPCON Associates.[2]

The company filed for registration of the trademark, OPCON, on 21 January 1974. The filing indicates the mark was first used in commerce on 1 July, 1969.[3] On 28 September, 2005, the OPCON trademark was transferred from OPCON Associates, Inc. to OPCON Design Associates, LLC, an Ohio corporation.[4]