Nova 35F

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Basic fixed focus 35mm viewfinder compact made in Hong Kong. Camera is very basic with no metering or even low light warning despite having a battery powered flash unit. User selects 3 aperture setting on lens based on a set of weather condition icons for either 100 or 400 asa and the shutter speed remains fixed. The flash unit is activated manually by pushing flash to the side but will only activate if aperture setting set to flash. There is a flash ready LED

Model design is consistent with late 70's to early 80's Haking products but lens is marked "Made in Japan" which may indicate a link with simple Hanimex compacts.


    • Lens - 38mm 1:5.6
    • Focus - Fixed
    • Filter Thread - 46mm
    • Metering - None
    • Batteries - 2 x AA (Flash only)