Noblex P3

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The Noblex P3 is a three-format camera for 135 film made as a prototype by Kamera Werk Dresden, but never manufactured. It can make single pictures 24x36mm, 24x34mm stereo pairs, or 24x70mm panoramas. One (non-functional) example sold at Westlicht has 75 mm f/6.5 Noblar T lenses, made by Docter (known for Tessar-formula lenses, which is perhaps what the 'T' in the lens designation refers to).[1] The auctioneer's notes cited a statement by the previous owner that only three such prototypes were made, for show at Photokina 1996, and that the development costs associated with the camera threatened to bankrupt KW. A second example, also sold at Westlicht, has 50mm f/4.5 Noblar T lenses.[2]


  1. Noblex P3 non-working prototype sold at the 20th Westlicht Photographica Auction, on 12 November 2011. The camera is mistakenly described as for 120 film.
  2. Noblex P3 non-working prototype with a pair of prisms to widen the stereo base, and promotional literature, sold at the 30th Westlicht Photographica Auction, on 19 November 2016.