Nikon Speedlight SB-24

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Nikon Speedlight SB-24 is a compact electronic TTL flash unit, manufactured by Nikon Corporation, Japan and introduced in 1988.

SB-24 was dedicated to the Nikon F801 (N8008). It is fully compatible with Nikon F4 also.

The flash can be regarded as the first Nikon AF-TTL super-flash and has really leapfrogged Nikon into the catabult of being the pioneer in flash technologies at the time of its introduction, the many embedded functions in features that centered around TTL-Matrix fill flash and secondary supporting features such as full featured, all information LCD control panel, rear curtain sync, automatic zoom heads, flash exposure compensation, multi-sync terminals, auto/manual override control and the ability to accept a few external power sources has opened up many possibilities in flash photography never be able to experience before in a Nikon system.


  • Electronic construction: automatic silicon-controlled rectifier and series circuitry
  • Flash exposure control: TTL automatic control
  • Multi-Sensor Balanced Fill-Flash
  • Manual control: full output (5 manual settings from full power down to 1/16 output.
  • Flash Range: 0.6 to 20m
  • Operating Modes: TTL, Auto, Manual and Strobe. 6 settings from f/2.0 to f/11 (ISO 100) in automatic mode.
  • Guide number ISO 100, in 36m
  • Angle of coverage: 78° horizontal and 60° vertical 24mm wideangle lens; also supports 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 70mm, and 85mm coverage.
  • Flash working range: 0.6-18m, with indicative increments
  • Film speed range in TTL auto flash mode: ISO 25 to 400 (1000 with F4)
  • Recycling time: approx. 7 seconds minimum (full discharge)
  • AF-Assist Illuminator: automatically fires LED beam toward subject when performing autofocus with all Nikon AF SLRs, in insufficient light. But not operative in Continuous servo mode and manual control.
  • Battery: four 1.5V AA-type alkaline-manganese or NiCd AA batteries or SD-7 battery pack
  • Weight : approx. 390g wo/ batteries
  • Other features: ready-light, rear curtain sync with capable Nikon AF SLRs; accumulator connectors for external power pack and TTL-Multi-Flash connector. Light sensor for auto flash; IR-LED for AF-assist for handling light in low-light situations but not operative when using Continuous AF-Servo or Manual mode.