Nikon Nuvis V

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The Nikon Nuvis V is a compact camera that uses APS film. It was made in Thailand for Nikon and introduced in 2000. As a top-of-the-range model, it has all the expected features for a mass-market compact. It is virtually the same camera as the earlier Nuvis S, but in a cheaper, matt-black plastic body.


  • Lens: Nikon 22.5-66mm f/5.2-7.7 zoom with two aspherical elements.
  • Viewfinder: Real-image zooming with 85% coverage in H mode. Diopter adjustment +-1.5
  • LEDs for flash ready and auto-focus lock.
  • Minimum focus: 0.45m
  • Self-timer.
  • Multiple flash modes.
  • Autodate/title function.
  • Power: One CR2 battery.
  • Dimensions: 91.5×62×30mm
  • Weight: 155g (without battery).

An optional remote controller was available.