Nikon Lite•Touch Zoom 70W (QD)

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The Lite•Touch Zoom 70W is a 35mm compact camera introduced by Nikon in 2000[1]. It has autofocus, auto exposure, powered film advance, rewind and a wide-angle zoom.

The lens zooms from 28-70mm with maximum aperture of f/5.6-10, and a macro button allows focusing down to 60cm. There is also a pop-up flash included. A QD (quartz date) version adds date imprinting. Power is via a CR2 battery.

The Camera was part of the Nikon Zoom series and was superseded by the very similar Nikon Lite•Touch Zoom 70WS in 2002.


  • Type: 35mm autofocus lens camera with Nikon zoom lens.
  • Film type: 35mm, with DX-decoding, auto-loading, advance and rewind.
  • Lens: 28mm, f/5.6 - 70mm, f/10. (5 elements in 4 groups).
  • Viewfinder: Real-image zooming finder with 80% coverage. Includes parallax marks and autofocus frame, LEDs for ready, flash charging, focus achieved.
  • Auto-exposure: EV 5-15 at 28mm, EV 6-15 at 70mm.
  • Self-timer: 10 seconds, cancellation possible.
  • Built-in flash with four modes: auto, suppressed, forced and slow-synch, plus red-eye reduction. Range of 3.3m at 28mm and ISO 100.
  • Power source: 3V CR2 lithium battery.
  • Dimensions: 117x63x42mm
  • Weight: 200g (without battery).